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August 01, 2005

Hello humans!

Hello humans! Do you think it's pretentious that this company is called "HUMANS BY MIKE MILLS"? I kind of do. What do I think? I made humans? I just wanted you to know that. This is my first blog for the humans website. Does anyone really need to hear me talk more than I already do? This is an open question. Maybe I should talk about a party I had, I didn't take any pictures, but let me describe what happened:

My friend and awesome artist/photographer/person Mark Borthwick had a concert in my backyard on July 7th. Mark now makes crazy free music, just his voice and acoustic guitar. Mark is funny and bearded and strange and kind and pretty dang free. He made many dishes for people to eat in a wild but casual frenzy all day. Mark's photos and music and food are all connected. He made his own chocolate with ginger and green tea powder on top, he made Bruchetta, and some salads. It seems like he's not doing anything or just making a mess or just being a kid in the kitchen but then he makes the most delicious and surprising food. Everything is always in simple elements, easily prepared, big peices, you can see the ingredients but there is always a surprise, like the ginger and the green tea together. After he finished cooking and serving he climbed up the tree in my backyard. I'm not being metaphorical here, he climbed up the tree and sat on a branch and played guitar for about 50 people who all sat below. My backyard became like a theatre. He played for a couple of hours I think, most people seemed pretty into it, but some were confused. Confusion, especially when served with nice food, can be a very good thing. Okay, this is really strange, but a huge flying cockroach kind of bug, I don't really know what it is, just landed on the back of my neck while I'm writing this. How odd. What do you think that means? Does it have something to do with me writing this Blog to you right now? This has not happened before why is it happening now? What is happening to you right now as you read this? What are you wearing? Why aren't you playing outside or kissing someone? Are there any bugs near by? Is there a bug reading this somewhere with a tiny human sitting on the back of it's bug neck? Did the bug crush the human in a piece of paper towel it just used to clean it's desk and then did the bug just toss the human corpse and towel into the trash? If bugs have paper towels do they also have deforestation, consumer society, and impaired ozone layers? Do bugs struggle to find meaning in their lives beyond work? Do you think bugs ever get depressed? Maybe that's why they were reading this blog in the first place. Do you like to have parties? My parents used to have parties almost every week when I grew up. My father was the director of the art museum and part of his job seemed to be having big parties. I grew up walking through these strange scenes with lots of strange and often drunk adults milling about all over the house. I wish I could go back to those parties now as an adult. I would follow my 10 year old self around and try to talk to him and tell him not to worry so much. Key things to learn from Mark: 1.Trust your most crazy ideas, trust your most crazy self. 2. Have fun, Mark is really good at not taking things too seriously. 3. Just do what you want and don't worry if it's freaking other people out - They'll get over it or they might even grow to like it or you'll probably stop soon and they can go on living. Whose life is it anyways? 4. Simple can be complicated 5. Cooking is as important as art.

I was going to draw a picture of Mark in the tree, and I felt kind of exasperated and I sighed. Just as I did that my dog Zoe sighed from under the table. I looked at her and felt a tremendous connection, like the most connection ever. So, I ended up drawing Zoe sleeping right now, all jammed into the corner of my office. It's hot so she's real stretched out, like her own legs are making her hot. Okay, good night, thank you for reading. Mike.

Posted by Mike at August 1, 2005 10:06 AM