March 26, 2009

Mike Mills @ The Strand, NYC

Mike Mills: Graphic Films (Damiani)

March 27th, Friday 7:00pm~ (Free)
@ The Strand Books
828 Broadway
New York, NY

A discussion with filmmaker-artist Mike Mills

Perhaps best known for his 2004 film Thumbsucker, Mike Mills, the filmmaker, graphic artist, and Cooper Union alum, has been working for more than 15 years directing music videos for the likes of Air, Blonde Redhead, Yoko Ono, and Bran Van 3000, and designing album covers for the Beastie Boys and Sonic Youth, among others. Graphics Films is the first retrospective monograph on his work, and tonight Mills discusses the book with photographer, curator, publisher, and designer Tim Barber.
(from The Village Voice)

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February 07, 2009

Mike Mills presents Family Sundays Film Series

Family Sundays with Mike Mills
Sunday, February 8th at 8pm @ Cinefamily
611 N Fairfax Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90036

Once a month The Cinefamily will host "Family Sundays", where we will bring in people we admire and respect--artists, writers, filmmakers, musicians, comedians, or generally inspiring folk--to curate and introduce a night of films. First, they'll show lesser- seen short films that they've made, or that have been made about them--or that they just like. Afterwards, they'll show a feature that has personally influenced them, and finally they'll explain it all and take your questions too. Tickets are $12, and the show starts at 8pm.

Kicking off the series is artist/designer/filmaker Mike Mills, whose work you probably know if you ever been in the store. He's directed music videos for Sonic Youth, Yoko Ono, Beastie Boys, Blonde Redhead and Ol' Dirty Bastard, as well as the film Thumbsucker, and the documentaries Does Your Soul Have a Cold? and Deformer (about Ed Templeton). Medium is less important to Mills' work than an encompassing vision that permeates all his diverse projects. Whether it's a television commercial, a watercolor painting, or a fabric design, everything Mills concocts is suffused by his current emotional and spiritual disposition. He has chosen to show and share his thoughts about Istvan Szabo's Lovefilm, a lesser-known 1970 masterpiece from the Czech New Wave.

Come to Family at 7pm for the opening of the Boom Silk screen poster show, then walk on over to the theatre at 8pm.

436 N. Fairfax Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90036
323 782 9221

*FAMILY is a nice book store in Los Angeles that hosts many good art and music shows, and also has quite a few of Mike's posters etc.

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January 29, 2009

Show in Berlin

Pool Gallery presents:
Mike Mills
“The Only Way Out Is Through”

Opening: Friday 30 January 2009, 7 – 11 pm
Exhibition: 31 January – 14 March 2009

Pool Gallery
Tucholskystrasse 38
Ecke Auguststrasse
10117 Berlin Mitte
fon .49.30.24342462

Opening Hours:
monday to friday 12 - 20
saturday 12 - 19
and by appointment

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April 17, 2008

Slide show & book signing @ ABC Books, Aoyama

Mike is scheduling a slide show with his current and past work at ABC Books Aoyama Store. If you purchase the "Humans" and "Fireworks" book published by Nieves at ABC, first 50 people will receive a book signing ticket.

4/24/08 (THU) 7pm~ (door open at 6:45pm)
In the Foreign Books section in ABC Aoyama Store
50 people, first come first serve
Please call to reserve your seat. 03-5485-5511 (10am~10pm)


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April 15, 2008

LIGHT CONSTRUCTION, show curated by Cosmic Wonder

Mike is part of a group show "LIGHT CONSTRUCTION" @ Center for Cosmic Wonder in Tokyo. The opening reception is on 4/22/08 TUE, with Mike in attendance, as well as all other artists. Limited edition Humans x Cosmic Wonder dress would premier at the show.

Center for COSMIC WONDER.jpg

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October 01, 2007

HUMANS @ Petit Grand Publishing web

eventinformation006.gif + whatsnew033.gif

Tokyo's art publishing house and concept mastermind Petit Grand Publishing is introducing HUMANS at their web shop. In the past, under Petit Grand Publishing's umbrella, Mike's drawing were press printed on the cloth cover of books "Today's Shopping" and "Today's Shopping 2" (books about day to day philosophy in the act of shopping by Hitoshi + Keiko Okamoto). Their third book is in the works and to be released this winter, with Mike taking on the cover art once again.

visit Petit Shop

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July 18, 2007

Mike's new music videos @ FAMILY (LA)

7/19/07 THURSDAY.


at FAMILY store.

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June 26, 2007


lil cold_Layout 1.jpg

Mike's latest documentary film "DOES YOUR SOUL HAVE A COLD?" is screening twice at the LA Film Festival (in Westwood Village) as part of Summer Previews (look under D) program this week.

6/28/07 THU 4:30pm @ Majestic Crest Theater
6/29/07 FRI 9:30pm @ Mann Festival Theater

Ticket is $11 ea. Get tickets here (look under D).

If you are in Los Angeles area, the screenings are not to be missed!
Mike will be in attendance and will be introducing the film for both schedules.

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June 04, 2007

Humans @ CHIGO (children's design store)

Humans posters on your kid's wall? Why not!

Landscape Products design's family store CHIGO accents the modern kids' life with style. From wood toys to furniture and their original line of clothes, it's a shop for both kids and parents to indulge the latest designs, which seems to find their place confortably next to the wonderful ideas of yesterday from around the world.


2-37-8-101 Ebisu
Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0013
Tel: +81-3-5793-5308  Fax: +81-3-5793-5309
Hours: 12:00-20:00, 7 days a week
Subway: Hiroo (Hibiya line) 8 minutes walk
Train: Ebisu (JR line) 15 minutes walk

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May 21, 2007

Humans Manifesto 03

Humans Manifesto 03 poster is now available.

20.2 × 28.6 inches (B2 size) / $30 USD

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March 19, 2007



"NOTHING CAN STOP POP" as a slogan, PEANUTS RECORDS is set to introduce the indie and alternative pop music and culture. You'll also find Humans there, and have we mentioned that the owner is a long time fan of Mike's?

peanuts1.jpg peanuts3.jpg

Kamitori Center Right bld,104
3-12 Minamitsuboi Kumamoto-city 860-0848

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March 09, 2007

Mike's new feature length documentary film "Does Your Soul Have a Cold?" world premiere!


Mike's awaited new IFC documentary film series #1, "Does Your Soul Have a Cold?" (2007, 81min) is premiereing at SxSW in Austin, TX on March 11th, Sunday, 4pm.

There are 2 screenings for the fortunate ones who happen to be in the Austin area:

1) World Premiere! March 11th, Sunday @ 4pm at Austin Convention Center
2) March 16th, Friday @ 9pm at Austin Convention Center

Watch the film trailer here.

...and check back in for the upcoming screening schedules.

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January 25, 2007


Coinciding the Japanese DVD release of Mike's first feature length film "Thumbsucker," (non-Japanese "Thumbsucker" info is found here) LAUNE CAFÉ in Omotesando area (Tokyo) dresses up in HUMANS.

1/20/07 - 2/28/07
café hours: 10:30am ~ 7:00pm



"LA UNE" stands for "the one and only" in French. What you chose from the menu could change your mood and decisions. Or the artwork you encountered in the space, and to learn about the artist and emotion within may affect your lifestyle in a slight yet significant way. To thread those small sparks together into a line of wonderments, LAUNE thrives on such opportunity it could offer. With luscious café menu and monthly exhibits and events that alters the mood of the space, LAUNE presents a food for your five senses. Come and 'see,' 'taste, and ' 'feel' our "one and only" offerings at LAUNE.

Hanae Mori Building 1F
3-6-1 Kita Aoyama
Minato-ku, TOKYO
[metro station: Omotesando / A1 exit]

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December 25, 2006

HUMANS 03 posters are here.

First set of HUMANS 03 design has arrived!
Find 10 new posters (20.2 × 28.6" / B2 size) here.

HUMANS will be on vacation 12/27/06 - 1/9/07. Our last day of shipping will be 12/26/06, and next shipping is scheduled on 1/10/07.

Happy holidays and see you in 2007.

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November 30, 2006

HUMANS @ spacemoth (Kobe, JAPAN)


Tim & Laetitia of Stereolab, whom the owner befriended in UK while studying abroad, are the naming parents of spacemoth. Their vintage clothes (mens & womens) and goodies mainly come from UK, France and US, while books and things that are music and film related also add the color to the store. For everyone who are into vintage things or not, they'd love for you to come say hi.

Kensu Builidng 3F
3-11-16 Yamate Dori, Chuo-ku
Kobe, 650-0011
Tel&Fax : +81-(0)78-391-6288
Hours : 1:00pm - 8:00pm
closed wednesday

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November 10, 2006

a book, yet an object


Mike's drawings seen on 2 books by Hitoshi + Keiko Okamoto, "Kyo No Kaimono (Today's Shopping)". Magazine editor and Mike's long time friend, Hitoshi's (and his wife Keiko's) everyday remarks in the act of shopping tell us about a lot of things. Unfortunately, the text is in Japanese only (for now, and I hear English version is in the works!) but the cloth hard cover bind with press print makes it simply a nice object you'd want to have around in your room.

"Kyo No Kaimono (Today's Shopping)"
"Zoku•Kyo No Kaimono (Today's Shopping 2)"
written by Hitoshi + Keiko Okamoto
from Petit Grand Publishing
*Page contents are in Japanese only. Please contact for further assistance.


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October 27, 2006


DSC06232.jpg DSC06238.jpg

HUMANS' "MARK'S PAPER RIBBONS" and "PLATE CRACK" patterns were seen in a shape of cusions at Susan Cianciolo's new collection THE WOMEN OF THE CROWD, in collaboration with Cone Denim. Susan, an artist and a designer based in Brooklyn, NY, is Mike's good friend.

DSC06253.jpg DSC06261.jpg

October 20th - November 3rd, 2006
@ LACE and Woodbury University
6518 & 6522 Hollywood Blvd.
Hollywood, CA 90028
Wed-Sun 12-6pm, Fri 12-9pm

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September 01, 2006

HUMANS @ ABC (Aoyama Book Center)


"Mike Mills' Sellects" at ABC bookstore in Roppongi. 50 books which Mike recommended are collected on the shelf and are available for purchase. During this book fair, "Thumbsucker" sticker would be given as a complimentary gift (if you buy a book or two). Mike's HUMANS fabric will be on display, as well as T-shirt and other items for sale.



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August 25, 2006

HUMANS @ LOGOS; PARCO part1, Shibuya


We are excited to announce the start of HUMANS showcase @ LOGOS, along side with film "Thumbsucker" theater release campeign at Shibuya PARCO part1, B1F. From 8/25/06 to 9/18/06, customers with 2000yen+ purchase are elgible to enter the raffles to win Mike Mills novelty goods.

New HUMANS posters will be available for purchase at LOGOS and Apres Midi.


"Thumbsucker" official blog

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August 22, 2006

HUMANS will be seen at PARCO x Thumbsucker campaign

Coinciding the theater release of the film, "Thumbsucker" display will be up at Shibuya PARCO Part 1 B1F (8/25/06 - 9/18/06). HUMANS will be showcasing Mike's design works from 2004 to present at the LOGOS (bookstore) window, along with photographs by Todd Cole whom captured sceneries with HUMANS in people's daily lives. Limited items will be available to purchase.

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July 08, 2006

HUMANS in Miyazaki, Japan


Liberty, a select interior shop in southland Miyazaki, Japan, now has HUMANS items. We are very excited about this announcement, as well as finding our friends' original goods there too(COW BOOKS & Landscape Products).


Sugita Bldg 2F
1-3-6 Hiroshima
Miyazaki-shi, Miyazaki-ken 880-0806
TEL & FAX +81-(0)985-32-7770

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April 25, 2006

3 HUMANS Limited Edition iPod cases [FLOWER] [MARK'S PAPER RIBBONS] [PLATE CRACK] available now!

69_detail1.jpg 70_detail1.jpg 71_detail1.jpg

Los Angeles based INCASE, an innovator in stylish and functional carrying solutions for laptops, iPods, and guitar bags, has teamed up with Angelino select shop reserve whom showcased HUMANS collection in late 2005, and presents three custom-designed iPod cases reflecting Mills' unique graphic artwork. Each box is also designed to well represent Mills' design and the idea behind them.

VEGAN PRODUCTS: No animals were harmed at any point in the production of these cases.

compatible with:
iPod (5G) Video, iPod (4G), iPod (3G)

69.jpg 70.jpg 71.jpg

Please visit OTHER PROJECTS section for purchase.

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March 14, 2006

"Thumbsucker" book available now!

Mike's first feature length film "Thumbsucker" (2005, Sony Pictures Classics) will be released in Japan this summer. This book "Thumbsucker" comes straight from the set of the movie, from the eyes of 5 mesmerising photographers: Mark Borthwick, Todd Cole, Takashi Homma, Ryan McGinley, and Ed Templeton (in alphabetical order). No specific direction was given, and all photographers roamed in and around the set, taking to their liberty to document the process of Mike's filmmaking. The result, is a book that stands on its own charm from the film itself. Mike's essay to punctuate how the book came about, is a must read. Published by ICONOCLAST in 2005.

Please visit OTHER PROJECTS section for purchase.

Lou Pucci, who plays the main character Justin Cobb, won "Best Actor" at SUNDANCE FILM FESTIVAL and BERLIN INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL. Mike won "The Guardian New Directors Award" at EDINBURGH INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL.

3thumbsucker cover.jpg
144pages/full color/soft cover/9.75x8inches
price $36 (USD)


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January 10, 2006


HUMANS pillow cases (HUMANS 01 & 02 patterns) and HOODED PARKER (black, gray, LIMITED QUANTITY) are available now! Please visit HUMANS 01 & HUMANS 02 COLLECTION pages.

chustionAP.gif cushionBM.gif

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December 25, 2005



All web orders placed by 12/28/05 (WED) 5pm PST/US west coast time will be shipped on December 29th, 2005. Orders after 12/28/05 (WED) 5pm PST until 1/3/06 (WED) 0am PST will be packaged and shipped after January 3rd, 2006.

Thank you for all your support this year. We will see you more in year 2006.

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December 15, 2005

HUMANS @ SOSO (Sapporo, Japan)

The first showcase for HUMANS in 2006 is at SOSO cafe & gallery in Sapporo. Produced by SHIFT, an online magazine dedicated to art, motion graphics, design, and music world wide, SOSO stands as a landmark to present matters in unique form. It is an exhibition, and a cafe. SOSO original large-scale HUMANS posters (produced by PRINT'EM) will be available there.



January 5th(THU) - 31st(TUE) 2006
11am - 9pm
Sansei Building 1F
S1 W13, Chuo-ku, Sapporo, JAPAN

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November 02, 2005


New Item will arrive soon;
Rotten Apple Cushion, Broken Man Cushion

chustionAP.gif cushionBM.gif

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October 27, 2005


from Hitoshi Okamoto

This weekend (10/29/05 SAT & 10/30/05 SUN), I am planning to put out a little flea market at Play Mountain VILLA (Sendagaya, Tokyo) - yes, in front of the HUMANS shop that's going on right now in Tokyo.

When we were discussing some ideas about "HUMANS," I've made a half joking, but half serious proposal to Mike, about the idea to do a shop called "HUMANS PAPER COLLECTIVE." A shop offering paper items like posters and postcards, Mike's pattern paper sold by meter, selected old books (by Mike), and also a self published publications that we would like to call "HUMANS LIBRARY"... Mike seemed to be into the idea (I hope so) as well. That was at the back of my head, so as I was planning this flea market, I chose OPEN BOX pattern from HUMANS 01 collection, and printed them on a paper, to make them into a book covers for the books I am letting go. It's interesting how it is chic like a Japanese sweets shops wrapping paper. This green also reminds me of my favorite book store in Ginza called "Kondo Shoten" (as well as foreign book store "IENA")'s book cover. [Each book store has its original book cover in Japan.] Yes, it's this weekend only! And they're not for sale. Besides the OPEN BOX pattern that I printed, HUMANS staff told me there's some other sample pattern papers that I can use, so all the books that will be put out for sale will be covered by one of these HUMANS patterns. I should note that the books are my selects (well, I am letting them go,) and they have nothing to do with Mike. So the titles may suck...who knows? It's pretty unfriendly considering you cannot select which book cover you'll get, but please understand that this is how it goes here. I hope in near future, HUMANS will offer a small quantity order printing service from Mike's pattern design archives. How great that would be.

There will be things besides books at the market. (But I'd advise you not to raise your expectation.) And there will be some sort of gifts too. My "wife" [my blog partner, who should be familiar to those who's been following my all Japanese blog -] will sell somethings too. The hours are 12 noon to 4pm, both Saturday and Sunday. However, if everything sells out, we'll cancel Sunday's market. (*) If you purchase over 2000yen, complimentary coffee ticket (one cup, vaild on that day only) at Tas Yard Cafe in the neighborhood will be yours. Just like how it was at my first flea market. I would not have any bags there so I'd recommend you to bring your own if you are planning to purchase something. Also, please bring lots of change. Thank you, and I will look forward to seeing you this weekend.


Play Mountain VILLA
3-52-5 Sendagaya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
phone: 03-5411-1696

* Please confirm with Play Mountain VILLA if the Sunday market is


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October 05, 2005

HUMANS / Mike Mills [Nieves]

the book "Humans / Mike Mills" available @ Nieves

bookHUMANS.gif book4.gif

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"Thumbsucker" in UK


Coinciding the film "Thumbsucker" theater release in UK, web-magazine
Kultureflash has invited Mike as their honored Resident Artist. The 3 week feature covered Mike's latest graphic works, his past videos/short films, and also the feature film "Thumbsucker".

KF#135 MM Week I: Graphic works
Humans I (images)
Humans II (txt)

KF#136 MM Week II: Videos/Short Films
Video Stills I
Video Stills II

KF#137 MM Week III: On "Thumbsucker"

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October 04, 2005

HUMANS 02 New Collection will arrive soon

HUMANS 02 new item will arrive soon

"Talking Bubble Head" Bag

"Cracks on Plate" Scarf

"Not How" Scarf

"Talking Bubble Head" T-shirt
TalkingBH.giftalkingBHTup 1.gif

"Breath" T-shirt

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HUMANS exhibition in Milan, Italy

HUMANS exhibition in Milan, Italy by Nieves

Sept. 26th ミ Monday, Oct. 10th
Opening Times Mon 15.00 - 19.30
Tue - Sat 11.00 - 14.00 / 15.00 - 19.30
at Frip, Corso di Porta Ticinese 16
20123 Milano, Tel. 02 832 13 60

INFORMATION !click here! Nieves web siteヨ

Window front.gif

Window back.gif

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September 20, 2005

International Order started today.

ribonposter 1.gif

We are happy to announce the world wide release of HUMANS collection
via HUMANS web shop. Please visit HUMANS collection page

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September 15, 2005

new shop SEP.9th~23th open in Zurich, Switzerland!

Nieves presents

hm2.jpg hm1.jpg

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September 08, 2005

" THINK HUMANS " 10th Sep. in Tokyo

HUMANS 02 presentation " THINK HUMANS "

HUMANS 02 collection now on view at 2 locations in Tokyo, from Saturday, 10th of September.


Sendagaya, Tokyo pmv2.gif PMV.gif


Minami Aoyama, Tokyo
COWB.gif COWB2.gif

THINK HUMANS details (Maps /text is Japanese only)

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September 07, 2005

Los Angeles 9/2/05

Los Angeles 9/2/05
HUMANS 02 collection on view at books and artist speciality store
RESERVE throughout September. The US premiere party was celebrated by hand picked musician Mt. Egypt's solo set.

420 N. Fairfax (East side of the street)
Los Angeles, CA 90036
hours: TUE-SAT 11am-7pm, SUN 12-6pm, closed on MONDAYS.

Nieves Books'"Humans / Mike Mills" with Mills'
original designs, drawings, and an essay can be purchased here.

w/ Mt. Egypt (Travis Graves)
RESERVE owner Naama Giovini & Mike

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September 06, 2005

HUMANS web shop (international) starts at 20th Sep.

HUMANS web shop (international) will start on 20th September.

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September 01, 2005

The US premiere of HUMANS 02 collection


HUMANS BY MIKE MILLS & reserve invite you to join us for the evening
presenting the US premiere of

HUMANS 02 collection
September 2nd, 2005 Friday

@ reserve
420 N. Fairfax
Los Angeles, CA 90036
(across the street from famous Canter's deli)

special performance by Mt. Egypt (Travis Graves)

Drinks provided by Red Stripe, FIJI Water, and POM.

"Humans / Mike Mills" (32p color, by Nieves Books) will be available at reserve, with limited edition zine "Children and Skeletons." (16p b/w, color paper cover) - $30

Limited edition Humans-reserve-Incase iPod Pouches will be on display, featuring three unique designs from the HUMANS 02 collection. The cases will be available this fall in select boutique and specialty retail locations.

Anthem magazine will be giving out their latest issue #18, fall fashion special featuring a cover story of Mike Mills and Lou Taylor Pucci for film "Thumbsucker". Limited number of special collector's issue that features a Mike Mills' illustration on the cover will be available.

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